Working Capital Loan Calculator

A working capital loan can be used to fund the everyday operations for a business. These loans give a company additional funds to cover its short-term operational requirements and can be used for any business use case. Working capital loans are not generally meant for long-term purchases or uses however the lender cannot restrict its use.
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Working Capital Loan Qualifications

Time in Business

12 Months+

Annual Revenue


Credit Score


Funding Amounts
$10,000 - $750,000
6 months - 25 years
6% - 39%
Processing Time
6 months - 25 years
How to Calculate Your Working Capital Loan Payment?

How to Calculate Your Working Capital Loan Payment?

A working capital loan is a terrific financing option for businesses that need cash to fund short-term operational needs.

Before applying for a working capital loan, utilize the Lendzero Working Capital loan calculator to see your monthly payments. Insert the information below:

  • Requested loan amount: You may borrow as much as $750K.
  • Interest rate: Rates for working capital loans provided by Lendzero’s partners begin at 9.00%. Depending upon the loan product, your interest rate could be variable or fixed. The Working Capital loan calculator will give you an estimate of the cost of your loan if the rate is fixed.
  • Repayment term: Working capital loans have a wide range of repayment terms. The range can vary from five weeks to 10 years.

Use our Working Capital loan calculator to calculate the expenses of numerous types of working capital loans. For example, you can use our calculator as a

All of the above calculators utilize the same inputs and amortization scheduled.

Components of the Working Capital calculator

Components of the Working Capital calculator

The Working Capital loan calculator will show you the weekly/monthly payment.

This is the exact amount you’ll need to repay each week/month in both interest and principal. 

It should be straightforward to utilize our Working Capital loan calculator to compare all types of working capital debt. You’ll see a difference in loan amounts, interest rates and repayment terms.

To be clear, definitions are below.

  • Loan amount: This is the total amount of debt you will owe to the lender.
  • Interest rate: This is the proportion of the loan that is charged as interest to you. It is shown as an annual percent of the outstanding debt.
  • Repayment term: This is the amount of time the debt will be outstanding. The loan may be fully amortized or partially amortized in which case there will be a balloon payment at the end of the repayment term.
What to watch out for?

What to watch out for?

Keep in mind your lender could charge you an origination fee upfront. 

Lenders have different types of fees and there are many factors they consider when it comes to determining the size of their fee for each loan. 

For example, some may require a fee be paid based on the length of the repayment term. Other lenders might charge one flat fee based on the interest rate. Finally, some might charge a fee based on a percent of the total loan amount.

In addition, if you default or miss a payment, there could be an additional fee. 

Lastly, some lenders may charge a maintenance fee if you have a credit line that is inactive.

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