Term Loan Calculator

When you’re ready to make a significant investment in the future of your business, you need a way to fuel it financially. A business term loan is a predictable financial solution that won’t strap your business for cash.
Loan Amount
Interest Rate
Factor Rate
Repayment Term
Repayment Term
Repayment Term
Est. Payment
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Term Loan Qualifications

Time in Business

2 Years+

Annual Revenue


Credit Score


Funding Amounts
$10,000 - $2M
6.99% to 39% or 1.18 - 1.42 (factor rate)
Up to 10 years
Processing Time
< 1 week
How to Calculate Your Term Loan?

How to Calculate Your Term Loan?

A term loan provides a business with a great way to obtain a lump sum of money that can be repaid with equal, fixed payments over a set period of time. 

The interest you owe is front-loaded, so the majority of your installment goes toward interest at the start of your loan term. With each additional payment, a higher percent of the payment is used to pay off the loan’s principal.

Before applying for a term loan, utilize the Lendzero Term loan calculator to see your monthly payments. Insert the information below:

  • Requested loan amount: You may borrow as much as $2M
  • Interest rate: Rates for term loans provided by Lendzero’s partners begin at 6.99%.
  • Repayment term: Term loans can vary from 52 weeks to 10 years.
How to Use the Term Loan Calculator?

How to Use the Term Loan Calculator?

Use our Term loan calculator to calculate the expense of your term loan by plugging in the numbers. 

A five-year term may seem more appealing compared to a two-year term since your monthly payments will be less. Just remember that extending the loan term means you’ll pay more in total interest, which makes the loan more expensive overall.

Sample of How to Utilize the Term Loan Calculator

For example, Tom’s Bakery wants a $100K loan for new equipment and repairs. Tom applies for a term loan and receives approval for the $100K loan amount at an interest rate of 5% over two years.

By entering Tom’s $100K loan amount, 7% interest rate and two-year repayment term into the Term loan calculator, we can see Tom would need to pay $4,477 month for two years.

Components of the Working Capital calculator

Components of the Working Capital calculator

The Term loan calculator will show you the exact amount you’ll need to repay each month in both interest and principal. 

To be clear, definitions are below

  • Loan amount: Total amount of debt you will owe to the lender
  • Interest rate: Proportion of the loan that is charged as interest to you. It is shown as an annual percent of the outstanding debt
  • Repayment term: Amount of time the debt will be outstanding
What to watch out for

What to watch out for

Keep in mind your lender could charge you an origination fee upfront.

Lenders have different types of fees and there are many factors they consider when it comes to determining the size of their fee for each loan.

For example, some may require a fee be paid based on the length of the repayment term. Other lenders might charge one flat fee based on the interest rate. Finally, some might charge a fee based on a percent of the total loan amount.

In addition, if you default or miss a payment, there could be an additional fee.

Lastly, some lenders may charge a maintenance fee if you have a credit line that is inactive.

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